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How to talk about your work

You can write through our contacts link in advance

1. First, if you are not yet registered on the site, please register.

2. After registration, you can enter as a member of our project.

3. Only now you can get to work.

How to talk about your work | Choice of profession. how to choose the right professionHow to talk about your work | Choice of profession. how to choose the right profession
- in the menu, on the left, click "Records"; Next "Add Entry"
- on the page that opens, fill in the fields:

How to talk about your work | Choice of profession. how to choose the right professiona) "Title" - the name of your profession, several options are allowed;
b) "Record" - here you write a description of your profession, made according to the plan posted below, if you do not know HTML, select the option for editing the record "Visually";
c) "Tags" - comma-separated options for the name of your profession;
d) Send a photo of your workplace
e) DON'T FORGET to click the Submit for Approval button.

4. To help you write a story about your work, we have compiled a rough plan:

     What is the name of your profession (position)?
     What is your job and what are your responsibilities?
     What education is required to get your position?
     Describe your work day.
     How comfortable are your working conditions (all day on the street, or in the office with a cup of coffee)?
     What do you like most about your business?
     What do you dislike most about your job?
     If it's not a secret, what is your salary level (is it enough to write whether you are satisfied or not)?
     Describe your team, what kind of people work with you?
     What human qualities do you think are most important in your business?
     Work gives me additional opportunities (everything that work gives you except money, from self-expression and communication with interesting people to the opportunity to visit different countries).
     You have the opportunity to evaluate your work on a five-point scale, what grade would you give?
     Why did you choose this job?
     What are the opportunities for your career growth?
     What do you think we did not include in the plan and what else would you like to share with us?
     Your page in social networks.

5. That's all, now you just have to wait for your work to be confirmed and published on the site by the moderator.